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The extensive research made since years by a group of Marill with the assistance of the Catalan Genealogical Society of Perpignan shows clearly that the small city of Maureillas, near Perpignan, South-West France, is the birth location of the surname.

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The oldest ancestor identified so far is Jacobus (Latin) or Jaume (Catalan) Marill born in the city of Maureillas circa 1520-1530. Almost, half a millenary !

The church records in the 1500’s are showing that an important number of Marill were living in Maureillas. Then the Marill started to spread around the neighbouring town of Céret and the village of Las Illas (the “Marill Triangle”).

Later, of course, some Marill started to settle on the other side of the Pyrénées into the Spanish province of Girona and Barcelona (Catalonia South), while other moved progressively to various parts of France and some other went abroad or emigrated to the New World.

Céret, Maureillas and Las Illas are very close to each other within a radius of 5 miles, some 25 miles south of the city of Perpignan, the capital of the Roussillon region (also called Catalonia North). Las Illas is approximately half a mile from the Spanish border. Still today, there is no road leading to the border, only a rugged trail going through the mountain.

In 1841, the Marill name was one of most the most common names in Céret:
Coste, Mas, Roca, Farré, Llobet, Justafré, Xambo, Pons, Guisset, Tarris, Delclos, Marill, Soler, Miquel, Vilacèque, Auzeill, Badenne.

The surname is purely Catalan and is associated with the Catalan history, culture and language. Until the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659 between the kings of France and Aragon (Spain) the contemporary Spanish province of Catalonia and the French region of the Roussillon, South West France (also called now North Catalonia) were belonging to the House of Aragon.

The Marill surname is rather seldom, which, to a certain degree, facilitates the genealogical. Nowadays, the highest number of people bearing the Marill surname across the world is in France.

Vital statistics from the French National Institute of Statistics show that 246 Marill were born in France between 1891 and 1990. There is a handfull of Marills in Spain, essentially in the Province of Barcelona and a very small number of Marills in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Germany, Peru and the United States of America.

Additionally, traces of people bearing the Marill surname who have lived in Austria, Latvia, Poland, have been found. Their descendants have emigrated to the USA and a contact has been established with them. The link with Catalonia is doubtful. One of them is the opinion that the name Marill comes from a modification of the name Maharil which has its origin in a different culture.

Meaning of the surname Marill : Unknown !

It could be a topographical name, but there is none of that kind in the region.
Source: Jean Tosti’s web site (

To illustrate, here is a sample of a church record in Catalan language showing the marriage that took place in October 1721 in Maureillas between Sebastià Marill – one of Jean-Pierre MARILL ancestors – with Margarida Anglada y Royros :